Core themes: Living in the Wider World and Relationships
Media and digital literacy

Support children and young people to assess if information is trustworthy and to recognise misleading narratives.

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Media and digital literacy
Media and digital literacy are essential; our resources will support your pupils to thrive and stay safe in our internet dominated world.
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Teaching about media and digital literacy through PSHE education

The PSHE education Programme of Study suggests numerous learning opportunities related to media and digital literacy from key stages 1 to 5. These include looking at how information is stored and used, how to assess the reliability of sources of information, and understanding the influence of extreme views. 

We’ve also really enjoyed being part of NewsWise – an award-winning news literacy project – with the Guardian Foundation and National Literacy Trust. 

Other lesson plans include quality assured lessons from Cifas (on avoiding online fraud) and Media Smart.

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  • KS3-4

    Twilight CPD: Tackling online harms through PSHE education (secondary)

    20 May
    £95 per person
    This session will explore young people's experiences of growing up in a digital world and the online harms they may be exposed to, including dealing with pressures and influences. PSHE education is a key tool through which schools can tackle online harms for children and young people. We'll share current research, lesson ideas, and activities to equip students with the tools they need to navigate their lives online, and support schools to embed this topic effectively within the PSHE curriculum.
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