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Bullying and discrimination

We can help you to address bullying and discrimination through PSHE education as part of a whole school approach.

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We know how vital, yet complex, it is to address bullying and discrimination in schools. Our tools and lesson plans will help you embed this statutory topic within your whole school approach.
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Addressing bullying and discrimination in the curriculum

These issues are complex and need a whole school approach in which the PSHE education curriculum plays a vital part.

Learning about different types of bullying (including online) is now a statutory RSHE requirement. This includes the impact of bullying, responsibilities of bystanders to report bullying and how and where to get help.

This also crosses over with how you can teach about abuse, harassment and discrimination within your PSHE education curriculum. Read our guidance on addressing sexual harassment through PSHE and scroll down to see relevant resources and lesson plans. 

Use our Programme of Study and Programme Builders to create your curriculum and our library of resources to plan your lessons. 

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