Core themes: Living in the Wider World and Relationships
Community and responsibility

Teach about the importance of community and people's responsibilities.

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Young people are part of diverse and varied communities. We’ll help you to plan and teach about topics such as: groups we belong to, diversity, discrimination, work and responsibilities.
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Covering community and responsibility through PSHE education

We cover community and responsibility within the ‘Living in the Wider World’ theme of our PSHE Education Programme of Study.

This includes learning about the different roles and responsibilities people have within their community. It is also important to teach about the benefits of living in a diverse community and strategies for challenging stereotypes and prejudice. 

Our Programme Builders show you how to plan this content it into your PSHE education curriculum and highlight quality assured lesson plans you can use.

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Guidance and top tips on setting ground rules and distancing learning in PSHE education.
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Evidence and research

Published: October 4, 2021
Examine the important role that PSHE plays, as part of a multi-disciplinary approach to tackling extremism.