Planning PSHE education

Everything you need to plan effective PSHE education.

About the PSHE education curriculum

The most effective model of delivery for personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education is a sequenced, spiral programme that builds on prior learning as pupils progress through school. And like any other school curriculum subject, it needs regular curriculum time – at least an hour a week ideally.

It is now also a statutory requirement to teach the majority of the subject. This statutory content – often referred to as RSHE – includes Relationships Education (KS1-2), Relationships and Sex Education (KS3-4) and Health Education from key stages 1 to 4. And though not yet statutory, economic wellbeing, careers and personal safety should also feature in any good quality PSHE education programme.

Planning PSHE education in your school

Here's everything you need to audit your provision, break down what you need to cover by key stage, and design an engaging scheme of work.
  • PoS cover page
    The Programme of Study for PSHE education includes all learning opportunities from key stage 1-5, so you have clarity on what to cover and when.
  • PB grid page
    Our Programme Builders help you design an engaging, effective scheme of work, and signpost to quality assured lesson plans to use.
  • person using the subject review tool on laptop
    Audit your current provision and get a personalised report with advice on next steps.

Further guidance
Compare delivery models
See the pros and cons of different approaches and the key benefits of regular curriculum time.
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Survey your pupils and colleagues
Gain invaluable feedback on what’s working well and what to improve.
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