Core theme: Living in the Wider World
Money and careers

PSHE education fosters economic wellbeing and supports positive career choices.

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Effective PSHE education helps to ensure children and young people’s economic wellbeing and career success. We can support you to deliver this vital element of PSHE.
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Teaching about economic wellbeing and careers

As the name suggests, personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education includes economic wellbeing and careers education. Though much focus has been on statutory relationships/RSE and Health Education content, it’s vital that schools continue to promote this ‘E’ for economic. We’ve got the tools and resources to help you.

Helping young people to understand their feelings about money, financial decisions, careers and the economy is a vital part of preparing them for adult life, with clear links to health outcomes and relationships.

The ‘Living in the Wider World’ theme of our PSHE Education Programme of Study includes this and more. And our Programme Builders show you how to plan it into your curriculum, with suggested quality assured lesson plans you can use from the Bank of England and others.

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Evidence and research

Published: October 4, 2021
This theory and evidence paper from Dr Elly Hanson takes a 'wide-lens' approach to the issue of gambling and gambling education.