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It’s a jungle out there…

But as the national body for PSHE education, and with a mailing list of over 50,000 contacts plus extensive reach via our website and social media, we can help resource providers cut through the noise and reach PSHE teachers around the country with their resource(s).

Our Quality Mark is awarded exclusively to resources that meet our best practice principles for safe and effective PSHE education.

Obtaining accreditation has had an extremely positive effect. Following the announcement of the quality mark, we saw a significant spike in traffic to our webpage.

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Resources are rigorously assessed by our Subject Specialists, who provide detailed feedback to ensure that all materials are of the highest quality. They'll also suggest any changes that are required before your resource can obtain our Quality Mark.

You'll have the chance the chance to respond to the first round of feedback before we reassess your application in order to award the Quality Mark.

Quality over quantity

We get over 2.5 million visits to our site every year from busy PSHE teachers looking for support on a wide range of PSHE topics, and we only host and promote a select number of resources on our website. Make sure you’re one of them! 

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Frequently asked questions
  • We quote a price based on the size of the resource(s) submitted and the estimated assessment time.

    We carry out an initial assessment of the resources, free of charge. We use this to inform our quote for the full assessment, which will cost at least £1,500 per application. Larger resources are likely to be quoted a higher price.

  • Assessment times vary based on the size of the resource and the extent of changes required after each round of feedback. Our Subject Specialists will provide an estimate after the initial review. 

  • By ‘whole programme’ we mean a resource for schools that comprises a complete PSHE education, or ‘RSHE’ programme, providing all the lesson plans a school requires for an entire key stage or phase, whether presented as one resource or comprising several parts.

    Our quality assurance process is thorough and lengthy. And while we are proud of our rigour, not all providers of whole programmes can afford to undertake it. We believe it would unfairly skew the market for only some providers to be able to afford to gain our quality mark, and as a result, we are no longer accepting whole programmes into the quality assurance process.

    We continue to recognise the value that whole programmes can offer as a foundation for designing a PSHE curriculum, though teachers should always tailor their curriculum to give the best results for pupils — and that is what we help our members to do.

  • We only quality assure education resources designed to be used by teachers in PSHE education lessons. The resources must be supported by lesson plans and designed for use within key stages 1 to 5.

    We cannot quality assure training, workshops, consultancy, assemblies or similar services, nor can we quality assure lessons designed, or incorporating content, for other subjects, such as Citizenship, or RE.

    Read our full terms and conditions and complete our short eligibility form to check if your resource is suitable.

  • We aim to provide and highlight high quality resources that cover the breadth of the PSHE education curriculum. Quality assurance is a rigorous process, and just one aspect of our Subject Specialists’ work, so we need to prioritise our resources according to our members’ needs.

    When considering quality assurance applications we may therefore prioritise resources covering areas where there are gaps and reserve the right to decline submissions for quality assurance on this basis.

  • Please read our terms and conditions before applying.