Statutory RSHE

We support schools to cover compulsory Relationships Education, RSE and Health Education with confidence.

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What to cover, and how to cover it

Most of PSHE education became compulsory for all schools in September 2020. This covers Relationships Education at key stages 1 and 2, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) at key stages 3 and 4 and Health Education from key stage 1 to 4. This was a big campaign success for those of us working to raise the status and quality of the subject for years. 

The pandemic delayed full implementation but from September 2021 schools must cover everything outlined in statutory ‘RSHE’ guidance. This is a great opportunity to make sure all children and young people benefit. And it’s timely, given growing concerns about mental health and sexual harassment in schools.

We have everything you need to plan and teach RSHE with confidence while getting your senior leadership, parents and pupils on board. And we make sure you’re not just ticking boxes – but designing a coherent, easy-to-evidence PSHE curriculum that also covers economic wellbeing and careers. 

Meaningful RSHE for every pupil

Our advice and guidance will help you implement and maintain high-quality, engaging RSHE.
Planning and teaching
Plan and sequence effective RSHE
Use our Programme of Study and audit planning tools to build a comprehensive programme
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Teach PSHE education, including RSHE
Including lesson planning, creating a safe classroom and more
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RSHE implementation guidance to support schools with statutory RSHE curriculum requirements.
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Training and events

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