Welcome back! [📢 Announcing new member resources!]

Sep 7, 2022 9:57:46 AM
Teachers — we hope you and colleagues at your school had a chance to relax and recharge over the summer break!
We’ve been busy over the holidays creating a range of new materials and CPD so we’ve highlighted some upcoming member resources below to give you an idea of what’s coming out this half term. We’ve also updated our Programme Builders with the latest resources from last term so you have everything to hand when planning your curriculum.

Upcoming resources to help you teach safe & effective PSHE


  • Next week: Teaching about personal identity KS1-2 lesson packs: Support your pupils’ to gain: a greater understanding of personal identity; knowledge about factors that contribute to personal identity; and the skills to recognise positive aspects of their own identity.
  • Later this month: Changing and growing up KS1-2 lesson packs: We’re excited to release an updated suite of KS1-2 Relationship Education lessons to help your pupils to recognise and develop positive, healthy relationships. These materials are courtesy of our work with Medway Public health Directorate and come hot on the heels of our fully updated and expanded suite of RSE lesson plans for KS3-4 .
  • October: Firework safety KS2-3 lesson pack: Explore how to stay safe and responsible around sparklers, fireworks and bonfires. Ideal to help you prepare pupils for occasions including Bonfire Night, Diwali, Lunar New Year, New Year’s Eve, and any event where fireworks and bonfires might be present.


  • Lesson packs on transition to new key stages: We have new packs on both helping students’ manage the transition to secondary school and on helping the transition from KS3 to KS4, with advice on what the school can do to help. These lessons will also help you meet key statutory Health Education requirements.  
  • October: Fireworks safety lesson pack for KS3 (see above section).
  • Later this term: New KS5 lesson plans on consent: We’re excited to announce 3 new lesson plans on consent for KS5, to accompany our existing lessons for KS3-4. The new lessons will cover: responsibilities and consequences; communicating wants and needs; and unwanted, inappropriate and illegal behaviours.

We’ve also Quality Assured a number of PSHE resources from a range of other organisations which are due for release this term, so watch this space!