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Need a short, sharp practical session on specific aspects of PSHE and RSHE?

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Book a 60-90 minute online twilight

Interactive online workshops suitable for up to 30 delegates. Ideal for schools or networks that need quick, practical training on specific aspects of PSHE education, including statutory Relationships Education/RSE and Health Education.

Sessions available for primary, secondary or cross-phase PSHE leads/teachers in any school setting.

These are less detailed than our full courses, but cover key content and best practice relating to each topic. Ideal for school staff, network or hub meetings, or as part of a whole-school INSET day.

 Prices start from £675 for a 60 min twilight and £775 for 90 mins.

Twilight options
    • Explore the role PSHE education (including statutory Relationships, Sex and Health Education) can play in responding to sexual harassment in schools
    • Build teaching about sexual harassment into your PSHE curriculum
    • Evidence a whole school approach to the issue
  • Discover why assessment in PSHE education is so important, with tips and practical ideas for appropriate assessment classroom activities.

    • Understand the importance and purpose of effective PSHE assessment
    • Develop a whole school assessment strategy
    • Identify activities to support the assessment of pupils’ progress
  • Explore the education inspection framework and its implications for PSHE education, including the unique contribution PSHE makes to safeguarding and the Personal Development judgement.

    • Understand how PSHE can contribute towards whole-school inspection evidence
    • Identify ways to demonstrate effective implementation of your PSHE curriculum
    • Explore practical ideas, guidance and resources to get you ‘Ofsted-ready’
  • Learn how to plan and teach high quality, safe and effective PSHE lessons from scratch. And find out how to adapt existing lesson plans to your pupils’ needs.

    • Identify key principles for designing and developing your PSHE education curriculum
    • Learn how to structure an effective PSHE education lesson
    • Make sure PSHE meets pupils’ specific needs within the context of your school
  • Learn how to teach safe and effective mental health and emotional wellbeing lessons, as part of statutory Health Education.

    • Understand the statutory requirements for teaching about mental health and emotional wellbeing
    • Identify potential barriers to teaching this topic safely and effectively, and how to overcome them
    • Explore ways to embed the topic in your PSHE curriculum in a way that meets your pupils’ needs
  • Primary, secondary and cross-phase available

    Explore how to meet the needs of pupils with SEND in mainstream primary, secondary or cross-phase settings.

    • Identify effective techniques to make your PSHE education inclusive and accessible
    • Use our Planning Framework to ensure developmental, sequenced learning
    • Find the best ways to demonstrate pupils’ progress
  • Explore the importance of teaching about consent, and how to teach it, in key stages 1&2

    • Identify ways to embed age-appropriate consent education in the PSHE curriculum
    • Consider ways to teach about consent safely and effectively
    • Explore the PSHE Association’s consent lessons (KS1-2)
  • Best practice for teaching economic wellbeing through PSHE at primary level.

    • Explore the relationship between economic wellbeing and statutory Relationships and Health Education
    • Learn how to embed economic wellbeing into a wider PSHE education programme
    • Explore resources to help you teach financial and careers education with confidence
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