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  • Physical health

    Learning about physical health includes food choices, physical activity, balanced lifestyles, drugs and alcohol education, first aid, sleep and dental health.
  • Mental health

    Support your pupils to stay healthy and safe while equipping them to help others.
  • Growing and changing

    Help your pupils understand and manage the physical and emotional changes that may happen during puberty.
  • Personal safety

    Make sure your PSHE education helps children and young people to stay safe – online and offline.
  • Relationships and sex education

    It's now compulsory to teach about relationships. This can be challenging, but we’re here to help you know what to cover, and how.
  • Bullying and discrimination

    We can help you to address bullying and discrimination through PSHE education as part of a whole school approach.
  • Media and digital literacy

    Support your pupils to assess if information is trustworthy and to recognise misleading narratives.
  • Money and careers

    Make sure your PSHE education fosters economic wellbeing and supports positive career choices.
  • Community and responsibility

    Teach about the importance of community and people's responsibilities.
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