Regional programme

Our regional programme pulls together learning and experience from across the regions to support all members 

What is the PSHE Association regional programme?

How does the PSHE Association work to understand regional contexts and needs? 

Our regional PSHE seminars are one part of our wider regional programme, which aims to understand local contexts so we can better support all our members and the children and young people they work with.  

Our regional programme pulls together learning and experience from across the regions in the following ways: 

  • PSHE Association regional co-ordinators: we have a Subject Specialist assigned to each region to lead on the co-ordination of our work with members, with Subject Specialists based around England.  
  • Regional LA Network Meetings: we meet termly (autumn and spring) with LA & Public Health PSHE Leads in each region to share learning and experiences, which we feed back to members. 
  • Regional face-to-face PSHE seminars: our PSHE seminars (summer term) aim to encourage and grow regional networks where members can connect to share local knowledge and experiences, bringing together teachers (including PSHE leads), school staff, local authority PSHE leads, and public health leads that support schools PSHE/RSHE provision.
  • School Staff Training and CPD: we deliver training for teachers, schools, MATs, PSHE networks and LAs across England, and evaluate member needs and feedback at a regional level to inform our regional programme and wider work. 
  • Termly mailouts, research updates and new resources: we evaluate and disseminate the learning from our regional programme back to our members through email updates, research updates, and resource updates/development. 
  • Our work with other organisations: we work with other organisations across the UK, including charities, health services, local authorities, and police forces, develop and quality-assure resources pertinent to the issues faced in their local area.   

We will continue to grow our support at regional level and support the integration of local experiences into the national picture for PSHE education in schools. 

Regional diagram