The benefits of our Quality Mark for your resource

Demonstrate the value of your resource

Your resources will be recognised within the PSHE community as meeting standards of effective practice

Publicise to our mailing list

We will publicise your resource to our mailing list of 60,000 teachers and practitioners

Share your resource with our social media networks

Your resource will be promoted to our 20,000 social media contacts, and beyond

List your resource on our site

We receive over 2.5 million visits to our site every year from practitioners looking for support with teaching PSHE education

Quality over quantity

Your resource will be one of a select number of high-quality resources to display our Quality Mark

Get support to develop your resource

We offer detailed advice on creating high-quality resources and making improvements

What are the benefits to publishers?

As a publisher, achieving the PSHE Association Quality Mark will inspire teachers' confidence when considering your resource. We quality assure and promote these resources to over 60,000 email contacts, over 20,000 social media contacts and over 2.5 million annual website page views, giving us an unmatched reach into the PSHE education community. Unlike many other outfits we promote quality over quantity, meaning only a selection of the best resources are entitled to display the Mark.

We recommend that colleagues submit their work for feedback early on in the process, so that any necessary changes can be incorporated and the resource is guaranteed receipt of the Mark on completion.

The price we charge depends largely on the size of the resource/s that are submitted and the amount of time that they take to assess. The initial assessment of the resources is used to inform the quote that we offer for the resource submitted. This initial assessment is free, however the full assessment will cost at least £1,500 per application and larger resources are likely to be quoted a higher price.

Please read the terms and conditions before applying.

Whole programmes

The market for PSHE teaching materials has grown over the last two years, and continues to grow rapidly in light of the statutory status of most of the subject as September 2020. This includes an increase in the number of ‘complete/whole programmes’ for PSHE education on offer.

While previously the PSHE Association has quality assured some of these whole programmes, we will no longer do this as of March 2020 onwards.

Our quality assurance process is thorough and lengthy. And while we are proud of our rigour, not all providers of whole programmes can afford to undertake it. We believe it would unfairly skew the market for only some providers to be able to afford to gain our quality mark, and as a result, we are no longer accepting whole programmes into the quality assurance process.

We continue to recognise the value that whole programmes can offer as a foundation for designing a PSHE curriculum, though teachers should always tailor their curriculum to give the best results for pupils — and that is what we help our members to do.

NB: By ‘whole programme’ we mean a resource for schools that comprises a complete PSHE education, or ‘RSHE’ programme, providing all the lesson plans a school requires for an entire key stage or phase, whether presented as one resource or comprising several parts.

Assessment Criteria

The PSHE Association Quality Mark assessment criteria are based on evidence-based best practice in PSHE education teaching and learning. Full details of the assessment standards are shared with the applicant prior to the full assessment stage.

How to Apply

img First step

Download, complete and return our initial enquiry form and we'll let you know if your resource is suitable for full assessment.

img Second step

If your resource is eligible, we will quote you a price for a full assessment by one of our Subject Specialists.

img Third step

We do a full assessment and assess your application against our assessment criteria.

img If successful, you achieve our Quality Mark!

  • Obtaining accreditation has had an extremely positive effect. Following the announcement of the quality mark, we saw a significant spike in traffic to our webpage

    Rachel PiggottBritish Heart Foundation

  • We believe that the Quality Mark gave our This is Abuse discussion guide valuable credibility with teachers and partners... I would happily recommend the quality assurance process to others.

    Kerry CharlesworthThe Home Office