Thames Valley Police: Understanding child criminal exploitation

Mar 19, 2024 10:26:29 AM
We’ve worked with Thames Valley Police to produce three new key stage 3 lesson plans for Thames Valley schools on understanding child criminal exploitation, which you can use to facilitate and enhance a police officer visit.

Child criminal exploitation is a growing issue that takes a variety of forms. These lessons focus specifically on developing student understanding of exploitative and coercive behaviours — especially those relating to the drug trade — and strategies that young people can use to safely exit unsafe situations.

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Delivering the lessons

The lessons are sequenced to allow teachers to deliver the first and third lessons in the resource pack, with the second lesson delivered by a police officer. This format will give students the opportunity to prepare questions for officers to help make the most of the visit.

An adjacent ‘teacher version’ of lesson two is also included, for instances where a police officer is not able to deliver the lesson.

What's included?

  • Three new lesson plans designed specifically for Thames Valley Schools
  • Accompanying student resources including worksheets and scenarios
  • Teacher guidance to help you teach safe and effective lessons and maximise police contributions

PSHE Association Subject Specialist, Jasmine John, says:

“With opportunities to explore the impact of child criminal exploitation on relationships and the role of the police in protecting young people, these lessons will help to build student confidence in understanding when situations may be unsafe, and most importantly, who, how and why to ask for help.”


This lesson complements existing free-to-download lesson packs on violence prevention and drug education for Thames valley schools. Visit our Police in the classroom page to download these and learn more about how to work safely and effectively with police officers in the PSHE classroom.