Safe home learning lesson checklist

PSHE education — including some statutory RSHE content — should play a key role while pupils are being taught remotely. However, it is crucial to choose materials wisely and consider topics carefully.

Not all resources are safe or suitable. Our checklist will help you only choose materials that support a safe learning environment, focus on topics suitable for remote teaching, avoid approaches that traumatise or stigmatise, and rely on trusted sources of information.

New ‘Family Life’ KS4 home learning lessons

We have launched new home learning lessons on sleep, friendship, careers, water safety and ‘deciding what to watch’ in recent weeks. This week, we’re excited to announce the launch of a new home learning pack for year 10-11 covering the statutory Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) content on different types of long-term relationships, marriage and parenting.

These two lessons will help students to:

  • Recognise different types of relationships and their legal status
  • Analyse different attitudes towards marriage and civil partnerships
  • Identify the different roles, responsibilities and challenges of being a parent

This version was developed from our popular ‘Family Life’ lesson plans; please use the standard version if delivering this material face to face in the classroom.

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We update the links for each model at least once every half-term so it's worth re-downloading your preferred model regularly to make sure you're not missing out. The bottom-right corner of page 3 for each model outlines when the last updates were made. And even if you're using one of our fully-editable versions, it's worth downloading the most recent PDF version to see the full range of available resources for each module/topic.

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