The PSHE Association has produced the teaching materials for schools, comprising lesson plans for key stage 3 and key stage 4 as well as detailed teacher guidance to support you to deliver this sensitive material confidently and safely.  These materials are designed to be used with the corresponding video, available in subtitled, Welsh and BSL versions. This is a secondary resource and is not intended for use with younger children.

The lesson plans use a film and activities to explore the advice that, if caught up in a gun or knife attack, a person should RUN to safety, HIDE if they are unable to run, and TELL the police when they are safe to do so. This resource is designed to be delivered through structured lessons embedded in a developmental PSHE curriculum, within the context of risk management and personal safety.

While the chances of being caught up in a gun or knife attack are small, we know from case studies and testimony of people who have survived attacks that, if followed, this advice can save lives.  However, it is crucial that this message is conveyed to young people in a way that is sensitive and not alarmist.

This quality assured resource, including the key stage 3 and key stage 4 videos, can be accessed via NaCTSO’s website. Please note that schools will need to select the following materials:

      • Teaching video(s): The story of Nur, Edih and Llet for ages 11-14 and/or ages 15-16 (both are also available with subtitles and BSL)
      • Teacher guidance and lesson plan : also available with links to the Welsh and Scottish curriculums
      • ACT4YOUTH leaflet : this is an optional handout