New #knifefree lesson plans and materials launched

Jun 5, 2019 5:00:00 AM
The PSHE Association has been working with the Home Office and our members to create new and improved #knifefree PSHE education lesson plans ahead of the summer holidays. We published original #knifefree resources last year, and they have proved very popular with our network with over 14,000 downloads to date.

This latest version of the resource pack includes real life case studies of young people from the latest Home Office #knifefree campaign along with new content on the importance of having good role models, including:

  • An updated lesson for key stage 3 recognising and evaluating the risks of carrying a knife
  • An updated lesson for key stage 4 challenging common misconceptions about knife crime and exploring how young people can choose to live knife free and achieve their potential
  • A brand new extension lesson, adaptable for either key stage 3 or 4 students, which explores the impact of role models on decision making and helps students to develop strategies to manage peer influence and pressures to carry a knife

The materials have been distributed to our national network of PSHE education teachers, but are free for any school to download.

Victoria Atkins, Minister for Crime, Safeguarding and Vulnerability said:

“I’m pleased that our current lessons on knife crime have proved successful and that we are able to strengthen them even further, and I’d like to thank every teacher who has made the time to deliver them.”

Jonathan Baggaley, PSHE Association Chief Executive said:

“These new materials are designed to challenge inaccurate perceptions about knife crime, help young people develop the confidence to resist pressure to carry knives, and to recognise positive role models. We encourage all schools to download and deliver these free materials”