New 'Keeping safe: sun safety' KS1-2 lesson pack

Jun 27, 2022 4:45:21 PM

smiley face drawn by suncream on orange background next to sunscreen bottle with cap open

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Help pupils avoid skin damage caused by the sun and cover key statutory health education requirements.


What's included? 


  • Guidance, lesson plans and pupil resources
  • Classroom-ready PowerPoints 
  • Cover key statutory health Education content

Children’s skin can be easily damaged by the sun, even when it doesn’t seem strong. So it's important they learn how to avoid skin damage developing both now and later in life.

These lessons explore safe and unsafe exposure to the sun and the associated benefits and risks. Pupils learn how to assess and manage risk alongside steps they can take to stay safe (with parents’ and carers’ help) while making the most of the summer months.

The lessons cover statutory Health Education requirements to teach pupils about ‘safe and unsafe exposure to the sun, and how to reduce the risk of sun damage, including skin cancer’.