New 'Keeping safe' FGM guidance & lesson plan (Year 5-6)

Apr 29, 2021 5:00:00 AM

Teaching about FGM is an important part of a school’s approach to safeguarding and child protection.

We have developed a new resource to support schools teaching about FGM - beyond the protective factors developed through other contexts - at upper key stage 2 (Year 5-6).


For teachers and PSHE leads teaching about FGM during the primary phase. The guidance contextualises the issue and the relevant statutory requirements — to help you consider how to include FGM within your curriculum at an age-appropriate level. Ensure you read the guidance before teaching the lesson.

Lesson plan (PDF and PowerPoints)

For use with Year 5 or 6 pupils, the lesson plan and accompanying resources will help teachers to:

  • explain what FGM is
  • highlight to pupils the importance of reporting concerns around FGM (for themselves and others) and how to do this
  • explore the issue in a sensitive and age-appropriate way — helping pupils to: identify myths and facts; engage in group and paired discussion; and recognise how FGM relates to the UN convention on the rights of the Child 

Find the lesson plan on our Personal Safety topic page.

We are often asked about how to include teaching about FGM at primary level, so this lesson and teacher guidance will be invaluable for primary schools. Deciding how to approach this sensitive topic is vital, and school decisions should always be informed by the needs of their pupils and community settings. This guidance, lesson plan and pupil-facing PowerPoint will help PSHE Leads and teachers to drive curriculum development and approach this topic in a safe and age-appropriate way.

Sally Martin

Subject specialist