New 'keeping safe at home' lesson pack

Jun 7, 2022 2:23:34 PM

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Our new keeping safe at home lesson packs explore potential hazards in the home and support primary pupils to identify, assess and manage risk, while acknowledging parents and carers’ responsibility to keep children safe.

The lessons – complete with slides, resources and teacher guidance – will give your pupils the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to keep themselves and others safe.

What's included?

  • 2 x lesson packs, comprising:
    • PDF lesson plans and resources
    • Classroom ready PowerPoint versions
    • Accompanying teacher guidance
  • At key stage 1, pupils go on a hazard hunt to identify potential hazards in the home before choosing the best advice for managing the hazard in each scenario
  • At key stage 2, pupils evaluate different levels of risk and explore the role that peer influence can play in personal safety

Primary Subject Specialist Florence Ackland said:
 “Personal safety is a key part of a well-rounded PSHE education curriculum. These lessons equip pupils with tools to help them keep safe at home.”