New 'Health Education' KS1-4 lesson plans and guidance launched

Our latest Health Education lesson plans — covering food choices, physical activity & balanced lifestyles — are now live!

The lessons cover all aspects of healthy food choices and physical activity included in the PSHE Education Programme of Study and the Department for Education statutory RSHE guidance.

The lesson plans, slides, accompanying resources and teacher guidance are available exclusively to PSHE Association members. Log in or become a member today to ensure you don’t miss out.

Download new Health Education materials 

PSHE Association CEO Jonathan Baggaley says:
“Health Education is now statutory, which gives schools a great opportunity to teach children and young people about physical and mental health. PSHE Association members can cover food choices, physical activity and balanced lifestyles content with confidence using our new materials. Created by experts, with quality and care, our latest resource pack joins many others in our library on mental health, relationships and sex education and much more."

Lesson plan learning objectives by key stage

These new materials will prepare your pupils to manage social influence and pressure, and give them the knowledge and strategies to make positive choices that keep them healthy. Areas covered include how to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle through food choices and physical activity, as well as potential barriers people might face. Here is a full list of learning objectives by key stage:


  • To learn about food and drinks that keep people healthy
  • To learn about how being active can keep people healthy


  • To learn what makes a healthy diet and why this is important
  • To learn about making choices about food and drink
  • To learn how to plan and prepare a healthy meal
  • To learn about the importance of regular, physical activity
  • To learn about a balanced lifestyle


  • To learn about different influences on someone’s diet and exercise choices
  • To learn how to make independent, informed decisions about maintaining physical health


  • To learn about how lifestyle choices can affect wellbeing, including during and leading up to examination periods
  • To learn about the factors that influence lifestyle choices and how these can be managed

Download new Health Education materials 

Our CPD on implementing the statutory RSHE requirements — with both primary and secondary courses available — will help to support your planning, delivery and assessment of Health Education as part of the broader PSHE education curriculum. See all dates and book.

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