New drug & alcohol education packs launched – lessons, resources, guidance and more

Schools must now cover drug and alcohol education as part of statutory Health Education, Relationships Education/RSE requirements, so this pack will provide you with the materials you need to do so with confidence. Our mapping tables will allow you to identify where the lessons address this statutory content and relevant learning opportunities from the PSHE Association Programme of Study core themes. The accompanying evidence review provides an accessible overview of the evidence base for effective drug and alcohol education.

Materials are free for everyone to download in PDF format, with additional PowerPoint versions available exclusively to members of the PSHE Association, complete with:

  • Teacher-only slides with clear guidance notes to support you through lesson delivery
  • Student-facing slides to support engaging lessons
  • A range of activities to deliver during lessons

Access our drug & alcohol materials

PSHE Association CEO Jonathan Baggaley says:
'Drug and alcohol use amongst children and young people remains a major public health concern. High quality PSHE provides the preventative education they need, so we are delighted to have developed this comprehensive suite of PSHE education lessons, guidance, resources and evidence for Public Health England. These materials will support teachers to deliver drug and alcohol education to a high standard, while meeting new statutory Health Education requirements."
Peter Burkinshaw, Alcohol and Drug Treatment and Recovery Lead, Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco and Justice Division, Health Improvement, Public Health England:
“‘We are very pleased to have worked with the PSHE Association to develop a resource pack for drug, alcohol and tobacco education lessons. The lesson plans and teacher guidance will help to teach pupils the facts and risks associated with drug, alcohol and tobacco use, the benefits of smoking cessation and how to access support. They will provide pupils with the knowledge, skills and strategies of how to keep themselves healthy and safe when navigating situations in which they may encounter substances."