Primary & secondary: discussing terrorist attacks with your pupils

May 23, 2017 5:00:00 AM
In light of a number of incidents in recent weeks we wanted to highlight guidance to help you respond to your pupils, who may want to discuss what has happened and could be experiencing a wide range of emotions.

Though we advise following a planned programme, in instances like this PSHE or Citizenship lessons can provide the space and opportunity for discussions that provide timely support for pupils at a difficult and sensitive time, in which case we hope the following guidance will help you:


This guidance is not intended as a script or lesson plan, but to help teachers answer questions, structure discussion and, if appropriate, extend children’s learning and understanding. Teachers should pick out what they feel is relevant for the nature and circumstances of an event, the age and readiness of the children, and their whole-school ethos and values.

Our thoughts are with everyone affected in any way by this tragic incident and thank you for the work you continue to do to support children and young people in difficult times.