2 weeks to go until our spring conference!

Feb 15, 2024 8:00:00 AM
Our Spring Conference is just two weeks away!

In addition to hearing from our exciting lineup of guest speakers and choosing from a range of practical workshops (see full agenda here), attendees will also get an exclusive preview and early access to some of our upcoming resources, including: 

PSHE education: what it covers and why it works

Primary and secondary versions available. Get clarity on what PSHE education curriculum covers and why it works, to help you explain the rationale behind PSHE education content to parents, colleagues and others.  

These new reference documents are supported by a wealth of key prevalence statistics, relevant research and impact evidence for various issues. They highlight why it’s so important for schools to address each area of the PSHE curriculum to support children and young people with real-life challenges and opportunities. 

This resource will support the content from our Working well with parents keynote featuring Sarah Hannafin, Head of Policy for NAHT, and Julie McCulloch, Director of Policy for ASCL.

Under the influencers KS3 and KS4 lesson packs

Six new lessons informed by Revealing Reality’s groundbreaking research on the impact of social media — in particular algorithmic recommendation systems — on young people.

As Revealing Reality’s latest research suggests, the digital world is becoming increasingly entwined with the physical one, making improving media literacy across the population a priority. This is especially true for children and young people due to their developmental stage and the amount of time, statistically, they are likely to spend on social media. Our ‘Under the influencers’ KS3 lesson pack explores how personal values can inform decisions about online behaviours, how to manage influences related to social media use, and how to mitigate the effects of social media use. The key stage 4 pack builds on this learning, giving students the opportunity to consider the performative nature of social media, the reliability and accuracy of social media content, and young people’s autonomy in relation to social media. 

Join leading behavioural insight researchers from Revealing Reality at our Under the influencers: challenging the algorithms and recommendations minefield (KS3-5) workshop to explore these issues in more detail and get to grips with the new lesson packs and accompanying research. 

Learning and playing together KS1 lesson pack 

New lesson for key stage 1 on developing the knowledge, skills and attributes required to learn and play with others. 

Ideal for children in year 1, or to help newly formed classes work together effectively, this lesson could be delivered at the start of a new academic year — when the children may need initial support to establish relationships and work with people they are unfamiliar with — and supports the foundations for future learning about friendships and relationships throughout primary school. 

This lesson pack supports our PSHE and play: practical ideas (EYFS & KS1) workshop, exploring how the EYFS Personal Development theme maps onto the PSHE education curriculum in key stage 1. This workshop is packed full of ideas and practical tips for teaching PSHE concepts through play.  

Body modifications KS3-5 lesson pack 

New lessons on body acceptance, self-expression and modifications such as tattoos, piercings and cosmetic procedures.  

These lessons start in key stage 3 by exploring the different forms of self-expression and how these can be influenced by internal and external factors. The lessons for older students focus on evaluating risks and regulations relating to body modifications, as well as the reliability of sources of information. This lesson pack has been created to help students make informed choices and consider how decisions relating to their body image and self-expression are influenced. 

This pack complements our Health, prevention and responsibility (KS3-5) workshop exploring how to teach some of the more challenging and sensitive areas of health and prevention to key stage 3-5 students. 


Our Spring Conference is available exclusively to members of the Association. Spaces cost £95 per person and we encourage you to book promptly to secure a space. See our event page to book your place and find out more.