KS5 planning tool and Programme Builder

Plan and tailor schemes of work for your KS5 students. 

KS5 student with careers advisor

Out into the world...

By the end of key stage 5 many young people will leave home for the first time and live independently as adults, possibly in new and distant locations.

Our new planning tool and Programme Builder will support you to plan and tailor schemes of work for your KS5 students, so you can meet their needs head on. The tool complements the 2020 edition of our Programme of Study and our popular KS3-4 Programme Builders.

Relevant and comprehensive

Key stage 5 is our last opportunity to ensure that students have real competence in the skills and strategies they’ve been developing throughout their PSHE education — and to extend the knowledge and understanding that they need to equip them for independent living and the next stage in their education or career.

Our new KS5 Programme Builder ensures developmental progression by revisiting themes and building on prior learning from key stage 4. It begins with an overview of suggested content for each year group for each half term. This is followed by more detailed grids, setting out broad learning opportunities for each half term block.

  • Determine curriculum content
  • Identify student needs
  • Produce a long-term plan
  • Create medium-term plans
  • Design high-quality lessons


KS5 planning tool and Programme Builder

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