Pupil questionnaires

Gauge how your pupils feel about their PSHE education. 

Portrait of a students studying in university library

Find out how your pupils feel about their PSHE education

These questionnaires for primary and secondary school pupils will allow you to gain insight into how they feel about their PSHE education.

The questionnaires (available below as both PDFs and Word documents) explore pupils’ views on the age-appropriateness of topics, how engaged they feel in their lessons, and the extent to which they recognise their own progress.

Pupils are asked to express their opinions on different topics, as well as their opinions about what they enjoy and think could be improved in the future.


KS2 pupil questionnaire (PDF)

Pupil survey, KS2 (word)

KS3-5 pupil questionnaire (PDF)

Pupil survey, KS3-5 (word)