Survey your pupils and colleagues

Gain invaluable feedback on what’s working well and what to improve.

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Find out how your school feels about PSHE education

Use our surveys to gauge if PSHE education is meeting its aims and see what extra support your pupils and colleagues might need.

Survey your pupils

How engaged do your pupils feel in their lessons? Do they see their own progress? What do they enjoy? What do they think could be improved? What are their views on age-appropriateness of topics you cover?

Use our surveys to ask these questions and more. The answers will help you to make improvements and tailor support to your pupils’ needs.

Survey your colleagues

Our surveys will help you understand colleague’s levels of confidence, subject knowledge and enthusiasm for teaching PSHE education.

The results will really help you to offer appropriate support and meet teachers' professional development needs. You can easily adapt these surveys to suit your school context and department priorities.

Download the surveys

Pupil survey, KS2 (word)

Pupil survey, KS3-5 (word)

Teacher survey, primary (word)

Teacher survey, secondary (word)

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