Teaching about mental health and emotional wellbeing

PSHE Association guidance funded by the Department for Education

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More important than ever...

Irrespective of statutory requirements, teaching about mental health and emotional wellbeing as part of a comprehensive PSHE education curriculum is vital.

Key outcomes:

  • Promote pupils’ wellbeing through an understanding of their own and others’ emotions
  • Help pupils develop healthy coping strategies.
  • Enhance safeguarding by providing pupils with the knowledge, understanding and strategies to keep themselves (and others) healthy and safe
  • Help to avoid stigma around mental health issues

Our guidance

Fully updated to meet the RSHE requirements, our guidance covers key aspects of teaching about mental health safely and effectively, including: 

  • Key principles in teaching about mental health and emotional wellbeing — including change, loss and grief — safely and confidently
  • Building teaching on mental health into a planned PSHE programme
  • Addressing challenging mental health issues such as eating disorders, self-harm and suicide

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