Gangs: Managing risks and staying safe lesson pack

Gangs: Managing risks and staying safe lesson pack

We are delighted to announce a new lesson pack to support our members to address the topic of gangs through PSHE education. Produced in partnership with Medway Public Health, this pack will help teachers to explore with students why a person might join a gang, the implications of carrying weapons, and ways to get support with gang-related issues.

The pack includes three engaging lesson plans and supporting activities and was initially developed for Medway schools. After a highly successful pilot the PSHE Association and Medway Public Health are now making the materials available to schools across the country, given that the implications of young people’s involvement in gangs are not unique to the Medway area but of national concern.

While PSHE cannot address all of the many reasons a young person may join a gang it can play a key preventative role in equipping our children and young people with the knowledge and skills they need to make safe and healthy choices and a

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