The Truth, Undressed

We’ve collaborated with intimate health brand expert Canesten® to develop a set of 4 lesson plans for KS3-5 promoting understanding of vulval and vaginal health. 

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A culture of shame…

A lack of adequate education and knowledge about the vulva and vagina can perpetuate harmful stereotypes and misconceptions, and contribute to a culture of shame. This can lead to unintended consequences — such as leaving young people unprepared and unable to talk about aspects of their health, and afraid of speaking to health professionals. 

Unprecedented access to the truth

‘The Truth, Undressed’ lessons will help you to promote students’ understanding of vulval and vaginal health, showing the reality of how bodies look and behave, without using metaphors, euphemisms, and oversimplification.  

  • The truth undressed key stage 3
    Students learn about: the anatomy of the vulva, vulval and vaginal health and maintaining personal hygiene (at year 7-8); and how to make informed decisions about vulval and vaginal health (at year 9).
  • The truth undressed key stage 4
    Students learn how to challenge myths related to the vulva, aesthetics and beauty standards.
  • The truth undressed key stage 5
    Students learn about independent and responsible decision-making in relation to vulval and vaginal health.

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There's a lot of misinformation and stigma surrounding vulval and vaginal health and hygiene that need to be challenged. So, learning about genital health is important for everyone.
Jenny Barksfield
Deputy CEO & Director of Education