Updated Back to School packs, KS1-5

Given the significant gaps in face-to-face teaching, varied approaches to home learning, and ongoing concerns about the Covid-19 pandemic, schools are facing significant and unique challenges. Whatever their individual experiences of lockdown, it is likely all pupils will need reintroduction to learning routines and some support with wellbeing, rebuilding confidence, self-esteem and learning potential.

Our recently updated packs will support you to develop a transition strategy for your PSHE education programme as part of a whole school reintegration approach that safeguards young people and promotes wellbeing.


Teacher wellbeing is also incredibly important of course. Many of you are exhausted by the pressures of the year gone by and the challenges of teaching topics you might well be affected by yourself. Our week of free Twilight Sessions runs from 22-25 March and Thursday’s session focusses on teacher wellbeing. Visit the Twilight Sessions event page to book your place and find out more about this and other sessions on implementing RSHE; race and PSHE; and consulting parents.

Get your RSHE together! Download our Subject Review Tool, Framework & Development Plan

These new materials (launched earlier this term) will help PSHE leads get ready for statutory RSHE and provide the highest quality PSHE education:

  • Evaluate your school’s PSHE education — including readiness to meet statutory requirements for Relationships and Health Education (primary) / Relationships, Sex and Health Education (secondary).
  • Identify areas for development.
  • Plan next steps and take action, with support for everything from engaging with parents on Relationships education/RSE policy development, to ongoing monitoring and evaluation.

Access the Subject Review Tool, Framework & Development Plan 

Upcoming CPD

We have a CPD packed Spring, including online courses on preparing you for statutory Relationships education/RSE and Health Education; training for those new to PSHE, and for those charged with leading PSHE; as well as training on programme planning, PSHE for pupils with SEND and much more.

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