In this episode, Sam speaks to sleep experts Dr Michael Farquhar and Dr Charlie Tyack from Evelina London children's hospital, and Jenny Fox from our subject specialist team. Michael and Charlie share some of their professional experiences of working with young people to improve their sleep habits and discuss some of the strategies with Jenny from the recently released Sleep Factor lesson plans for Key stage 2, 3 & 4. And they offer their top three tips for better sleep... but you'll have to listen to find out what they are! We'll also be launching PowerPoint versions of the Sleep Factor lessons next week - watch this space.

What do the new statutory Health Education and Relationships Education/RSE guidelines say about sleep?

The new statutory PSHE guidance for Health Education and Relationships Education/RSE makes specific reference to sleep in the ‘Health and Prevention’ section, where it highlights:

"the importance of sufficient good quality sleep for good health" and how "a lack of sleep can affect weight, mood and ability to learn".

We are delighted that the Department for Education has included the issue of sleep for young people in this guidance. Our ‘Sleep Factor’ lesson plans will allow you to cover it effectively within the context of your planned PSHE programmes.