New drug and alcohol schemes of work

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Updated Planning Framework

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The updated version of the framework will help colleagues to deliver a comprehensive PSHE scheme that covers the new statutory content, with learning outcomes adapted to support learners' level of understanding. The new edition will continue to include the broader (and vital) content of economic wellbeing, careers and enterprise education as well as education for personal safety, including assessing and managing risk.

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PSHE in SEND settings & pupil-centred approaches to using our Planning Framework

New two-part case study exploring different approaches to organising PSHE in SEND settings and how the Planning Framework can be adapted to the needs of pupils. Support and enhance your own and others' understanding of effective PSHE.

1. Spotlight on SEND

Get a fresh perspective on how other PSHE leads ensure that their PSHE curriculum is truly matched to the needs of learners with these examples from four different schools.

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2. The Planning Framework 'at work'

Pupil-focused case studies — with real examples of pupil work — outlining how our Planning Framework can be used and adapted to support pupils with a range of special educational needs.

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Useful links, news & resources

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  • Transitioning to a new school — free guidance and tools

    See the new toolkit from the council for disabled children, covering: transitioning from home into an early years setting; changing between providers; and moving from a setting into school.

    The Autism Education Trust has also launched new guidance on supporting learners with autism during transition, providing Practical strategies, resources and case-studies to support transition from early years to primary school and from primary to secondary school — with accompanying examples and templates.

    And the ‘Home & Away’ tool from Preparing for Adulthood (PfA) helps with planning arrangements for young people at residential schools and colleges to ensure a positive transition back home. Free to download here.
  • New podcasts

    RSHE Ready  Episode 5 - Planning & Teaching RSHE in SEND Settings

    Georgie's Employment Journey & Top Tips two-part podcast series accompanying a written case study; they explore Georgie's employment journey and what's she learnt so far.
  • Using wordless books to support pupils with SEND

    Beyond Words is a charity that publishes rigorously trialled, wordless picture-stories, co-authored by topic specialists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists and people with learning and communication difficulties.

    They published two new articles recently (here and here) outlining the findings from their Open Book project — exploring how teachers and TAs can use their books to make their schools’ SEMH curricula accessible for pupils who either cannot read or struggle with written words.

  • Article: "Disabled People Are Sexual Citizens Too”: Supporting Sexual Identity, Well-being, and Safety for Disabled Young People

    Sonali Shah from the Centre for Disability Research at the University of Glasgow considers how societal misconceptions of disabled bodies being non-normative, other, or deviant has shaped a negative construction of disabled people's sexuality — getting in the way of their right to have control over, choices about, and access to their sexuality, sexual expression, and fulfilling relationships throughout their lives.

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  • Sex Education Forum — RSE for pupils with SEND (short guide)

    Developed in conjunction with Image in Action and Mencap, this guide is designed as a starting point for schools who want to review their RSE provision for pupils with SEND — to ensure accessibility and quality. It includes answers to frequently asked questions, practical top tips and provides signposting to further resources.

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  • ASDAN map our Planning Framework in their new guidance

    ASDAN have mapped their 'Exploring Aspirations pathways' to the different sections of our Planning Framework in the curriculum links section of their new Exploring Aspirations guidance and resources. See the table below and find out more from ASDAN here.

SEND CPD training & Subject Specialist support

SEND Planning framework front cover

Colleagues can now access our Effective PSHE in Special Education Provision CPD and one-to-one support sessions online.

The course explores PSHE education through the lens of those teaching pupils with special educational needs, covering:

  • How colleagues can use PSHE to support SEND pupils to access the wider curriculum
  • Information about safe and effective resources and teaching and learning strategies
  • Tips and recommendations for using our Planning Framework for pupils with SEND
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Book your 30-minute 1-1 consultancy session on using and applying the revised PSHE Planning Framework for pupils with SEND, led by our experienced SEND PSHE specialist.

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Video Webinar from the DfE

'Relationships, Sex and Health Education for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities'.

  • 00:55: Introduction from conference Chair Rob Simpson, Department for Education (DfE)
  • 02:55: Overview of statutory Relationships Education, RSE & Health Education requirements – DfE education advisor Ian Baulkham
  • 29:50: Mental wellbeing for pupils with SEND – Professor Barry Carpenter, Oxford Brookes University
  • 1:08:35: Relationships and Sex Education for pupils with SEND – Rachel Baker and Lucy Emmerson,  Sex Education Forum
  • 1:32:35: PSHE through a SEND lens, introducing the SEND Planning Framework – Jenny Fox and Karen Summers, PSHE Association
  • 1:59:50: Closing remarks

RSHE Webinar FAQs

FAQs generated by delegates who attended the Department for Education funded webinars co-produced by nasen with the PSHE Association on the new statutory Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) curriculum.

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