Sally Martin

Sally began her teaching career in East London (Redbridge and Tower Hamlets).   Her passion for PSHE education was inspired by leading PSHE across the school (as part of her role as Personal, Social and Emotional Development Coordinator) and studying for the National PSHE CPD programme.  Before joining the PSHE Association, Sally has worked as borough lead for primary PSHE education in Islington.  She has extensive experience of working with schools on all aspects of PSHE, supporting leadership, developing schemes of work and teaching resources, and leading on innovative projects.

Sally is committed to helping teachers, pupils and parents love PSHE too!  Sally believes in creative, practical approaches to the primary classroom and every pupil’s right to a holistic and meaningful education! When not doing all things PSHE, Sally runs a small business for parents and babies, loves baking in her little pink kitchen, yoga and visiting family in her home-town in Cornwall. 

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