Updated Programme of Study for PSHE Education (key stages 1-5)

We are delighted to launch an updated version of our PSHE Education Programme of Study (key stages 1 -5), which now includes the first ever programme of study for key stage 5. The PSHE Education Programme of Study (key stages 1–5) is the only national, up-to-date programme of study for the subject and is regularly signposted to by the Department for Education for schools to use.

Through its three core themes (health and wellbeing, relationships, living in the wider world) our Programme of Study provides schools with a framework for creating a programme which matches their pupils’ needs. It covers the breadth of PSHE from sex and relationships education to developing skills and attributes for employability, setting out suggested content for each key stage.

This version has been expanded to cover key stage 5. The key stage 5 section builds on key stages 1 – 4, with age-appropriate learning across the three core themes. As well as the additional key stage 5 material, we have updated the key stage 1 to 4 sections. These changes are not fundamental, so if you are currently using the 2014 edition there’s no need to make changes to your schemes of work now but you might find it useful to refer to the updated programme next time you revise them.

For those of you already using planning toolkit for key stages 1 & 2, we have identified the new learning opportunities at the end of each key stage in the programme of study, rather than changing the numbering order. So the toolkit will still work with the new programme of study, however we will be fully updating the toolkit in line with the new programme of study and publishing a new scheme of work toolkit for key stages 3 and 4 in the Spring.

Our CEO Jonathan Baggaley says:

“PSHE is a subject for our times, tackling the range of challenges and opportunities children and young people face. As I recently explored in my blog high quality PSHE not only keeps young people safe and healthy but also supports them to develop the skills and attributes they need to succeed in an increasingly volatile labour market. We regularly update our Programme of Study to reflect this changing world, and this latest version stresses the importance of preparing key stage 5 pupils for the world beyond school.”


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