Supporting pupils after yesterday's terrorist attack

In the wake of the terrorist attack in Westminster yesterday, your pupils may want to discuss what has happened and may be experiencing a wide range of emotions. Whilst PSHE education should not be a series of knee-jerk responses to events in school or in the wider world, in instances like this it is likely to be in PSHE or Citizenship lessons where there is the space and opportunity for discussions to take place that provide support for pupils at a difficult and sensitive time. 
You may find our discussion guide published last year, a generic framework for discussing a terrorist attack, helpful in structuring and safely facilitating such discussions with pupils. 
We have also produced a series of four lesson plans on preventing extremism for key stage 4 (in partnership with Medway Public Health Directorate) which members can download and incorporate into their schemes of work for PSHE education, which can be found here
Our thoughts are with everyone affected in any way by yesterday's tragic incident and thank you for the work you continue to do to support children and young people in difficult times. 

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