PSHE Association urges schools to use quality-assured resources and providers

Our members may be aware of a recent story in the Times Educational Supplement about funding for drugs education charities in England. This issue has also been raised by our colleagues at the respected national drugs and alcohol education charity, Mentor.

While we are not aware of the organisation referred to in these pieces, we have for some time been concerned about the variability of quality of organisations providing PSHE education sessions in schools and would, like our colleagues at Mentor, urge a cautious approach to working with external organisations.

Where our members choose to work with organisations whose resources have not been quality assured by us, we suggest they follow the advice set out in our guidance document on working with external providers. This document sets out the straightforward steps schools can take to assure themselves of the quality of resources and external providers they choose to work with.

External providers play an important role in PSHE education provision, as evidenced by Ofsted's recent report on PSHE which praised the input of many external providers; we urge schools to follow our advice in order to ensure high standards are always maintained.


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