PSHE Association issues call to write to PM on statutory status

The PSHE Association has today issued a call-to-action, urging supporters – from young people and parents to teachers and campaigners – to write to the Prime Minister to ask that the government makes PSHE education a statutory subject.

The government has committed to responding by the end of this year to the Commons Education Committee’s recommendation that the subject be made a statutory part of the curriculum, prompting the Association to appeal directly to David Cameron on the matter. 

The campaign for statutory status has the support of 92% of young people, 90% of parents, 88% of teachers, 85% of business leaders, 150 expert organisations and political leaders from across the spectrum. As outlined in our CEO Joe Hayman's blog, this latest supporter action is designed to highlight the strength of support and feeling behind statutory PSHE to the Prime Minister.

To support the campaign follow the instructions below - this should only take 2 minutes:

  1. Visit the Prime Minister contact form
  2. Fill in your name, address, email and the text below (or your own)
  3. Hit send
  4. Verify your response by clicking on the link in the automated confirmation email you receive it

Subject line:

Keeping children and young people safe through statutory PSHE education 

Suggested text to be inserted:

The Jay report into child sexual exploitation (CSE) in Rotherham stated that survivors were ‘scathing’ about the lessons they received in school on staying safe. While the Prime Minister has met survivors and called CSE ‘a national threat’, his Government is failing to improve safety education in schools.

According to Ofsted, provision of PSHE education, the subject in which pupils learn about staying safe both online and offline, is “not good enough”, so pupils often miss out on essential learning. In February, the Commons Education Committee recommended statutory status for PSHE to guarantee that all pupils get this learning, a recommendation backed by leading child safety bodies, 90% of parents, 92% of pupils and 88% of teachers.

Ministers have committed to responding to the Committee’s recommendation by the end of the year. I call on the Prime Minister to make PSHE statutory to ensure that all school pupils learn how to keep themselves and others safe.

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