Ofsted ‘Better inspection for all’ report published

Ofsted yesterday published details of responses to its 'Better inspection for all' inspection. As part of this announcement, Ofsted confirmed that it would be including a judgement on personal development, behaviour and welfare in its new common inspection framework, to be implemented from September 2015. There will also be a welcome focus on outcomes for pupils, and on safeguarding, key priorities for the PSHE community.

PSHE Association Chief Executive Joe Hayman said:

"This is a significant move bringing much needed balance to the Ofsted framework. We have felt that Ofsted has been moving in the right direction in terms of looking at both academic and non-academic outcomes, and it is good to see this confirmed in the summary of responses to the recent consultation. The devil will be in the detail, however, and we will continue to push for specific reference to curriculum approaches to personal development and achieving outcomes for pupils, as well as ensuring the previous framework's focus on social, moral, spiritual and cultural development is not lost.

It's vital too that schools are supported to deliver the outcomes on which they will be judged by Ofsted, such as personal development. That means statutory status for PSHE education to ensure that teachers of the subject have the training and curriculum time they need to help achieve the outcomes Ofsted is seeking."


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