PSHE news digest 19th - 23rd October

On the 20th October, the PSHE Association launched our landmark report - 'A curriculum for life: the case for statutory PSHE education'
The report lays out the case for statutory status and is aimed at policy makers but would also be of use to teachers making the case for PSHE locally. The report includes the new statistic that 90% of parents support statutory status, alongside broad support from Parliamentarians, young people and teachers. The report can be read in full here and Joe Hayman’s blog on the report can be read here.

Nicky Morgan expressed her support for PSHE whilst laying out her plans for LGBT rights within education at the PinkNews Awards on Wednesday
Nicky Morgan said of education: “I wanted to share some of my priorities in the months ahead.
“They are further work on homophobic bullying, building on the £2 million investment in projects to tackle it. I’ve already seen some of the fantastic work this has generated – and I look forward to seeing more in the coming months.
“Secondly, a clear focus on trans young people. Not only addressing transphobic bullying, but also making sure trans young people get the support and information they need.
“Thirdly, high quality PSHE which better teaches young people understanding of sexual orientation and gender identity, and at the same time ensures that LGBT young people know how to avoid risks and stay safe.
“Finally, support for LGBT young people who aren’t currently in education, training or employment.”
Read the Pink News article in full here.

A campaign to reduce the stigma around mental health in children has been launched by the government
According to the BBC the campaign will use school visits and social media to urge young people and parents to talk more about mental health. The campaign will also see the launch of the Youth Mental Health Hub website to help children find accurate information about mental health conditions.
The full BBC article can be read here.

Public Health England have published guidance on ‘What works in schools and colleges to increase physical activity’
It finds that successful interventions combine a curricular element (such as PSHE education) with a whole school ethos and engagement of community and family.
Download the Public Health England report here.

The NSPCC have published a framework for national and local decision-makers and commissioners, as well as a report on tackling child neglect in universal services
The framework sets out actions across five levels of society - children, parents, communities, universal services and local government - to help stop child neglect. The framework mentions PSHE education, stating:  “The PHSE curriculum should include specific content on healthy child development, healthy relationships, parenting and child neglect.”
Read the neglect framework here and download the report here

The Institute of Physics has published a guide for schools with the aim of countering gender stereotyping in schools
The document ‘Opening Doors: A guide to good practice in countering gender stereotyping in schools’ is aimed at addressing the problem of gender imbalance in subject choice and provides suggestions for schools, based on observations undertaken during the project.
Read the report here.

Disclaimer: The above does not reflect the views of the PSHE Association. We cannot guarantee the accuracy or quality of the external sites linked here.

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