New term, new resources and training!

With many teachers back in school this week, we thought we’d highlight the new resources and training opportunities we have been developing over the summer.

Recognition of PSHE education’s importance has never been stronger, and we want to work with teachers to make sure that this recognition translates to more pupils receiving high quality PSHE lessons.

Here’s some of the support we can offer you in the year ahead:

The status of PSHE education

Over the summer, we updated our briefing on the status of PSHE education for school leaders and PSHE leads. This briefing explains the value to schools of PSHE education in meeting statutory and new Ofsted requirements (see Ofsted's briefing on the new Common Inspection Framework). We’re also continuing our campaign for statutory PSHE education.  

Briefing on pupil wellbeing and risk-taking behaviours

During the summer, a number of reports into children and young people’s wellbeing and risk-taking behaviours showed the complexity of the issues pupils face. While some risky behaviours such as smoking, drinking and drug use appear to be declining, there is growing concern about complex issues relating to mental and emotional health and online safety, which we know are major concerns for our members. We have collated these findings into a single briefing which we hope you will find useful.

Mental health lesson plans

We cover some of these issues in our suite of mental health lesson plans for primary and secondary schools, launched just before the holidays and including timely advice on helping pupils transition to secondary school as well as advice on other issues of concern to members such as anxiety, eating disorders and self-harm.

Updated subject review and planning tools

Self-evaluation and improvement planning are a crucial part of developing PSHE education in schools. Whether you have recently taken over leading PSHE in your school or simply want help to identify your provision’s strengths and areas for development, our updated subject review and planning tools will really help, as well as providing great evidence for Ofsted or ISI inspections.

Training to prepare for Ofsted and other CPD days

And speaking of Ofsted, we’re running our 'Get ready for Ofsted' training day in Bristol, York and London this term. This training will explore the new common inspection framework and its implications for PSHE. This is just one of many great training days we’re running across the country this term – from our CPD day on understanding PSHE and planning your PSHE programme, to our CPD day on preparing for ISI inspection we’ve got something to suit your level of experience and school. See our full list of training days and book your place soon. Spaces are limited, so don’t miss out.

As ever, our website offers a wealth of advice and resources to support teachers to deliver PSHE well. If you’re a member, our subject experts are available at the end of the phone or email to answer any questions you have.

We wish you all good luck with the term ahead.

Joe Hayman, PSHE Association Chief Executive


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