A blog from Ofsted PSHE Lead Janet Palmer HMI

This special bulletin outlines PSHE education’s growing importance in the Ofsted framework with:

  • A blog explaining amendments to the section 5 inspection framework from Janet Palmer HMI, Ofsted’s lead for PSHE education.
  • A list of our upcoming CPD training courses to prepare PSHE leads and teachers for Ofsted visits, including applying some of the points made in Janet's blog.​

Important amendments to Ofsted inspection framework for 2014-15

We are delighted to be hosting a blog from Janet Palmer HMI about the recent amendments to the Ofsted framework and the contribution PSHE education can make to Ofsted success.  Janet also stresses the crucial role of citizenship education and concludes:

“It is clear from the new inspection guidance that the evidence schools provide regarding the effectiveness of their PSHE education, citizenship education and pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is crucial to the judgments inspectors make regarding leadership, management, behaviour, safety, safeguarding, the curriculum, and ultimately, the overall effectiveness of the school.”

Read her full blog here.

PSHE Association CPD training on preparing for Ofsted

Our one day ‘Preparing for Ofsted’ CPD workshop will enable you to ensure your school’s PSHE provision is outstanding and provides valuable evidence for whole school judgements, especially in relation to behaviour, safety, safeguarding and spiritual, moral, social and cultural development (SMSC). If you would like to book on one of our upcoming CPD courses on preparing for Ofsted, please click here.


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