Our member insights group is made up of PSHE education teachers, leads and other practitioners from all over the country. We use the group progressively — as a sounding board for new ideas and resources, and their combined expertise in the subject is an asset to the work we do. The group are listed as our primary contacts for:

  • piloting new resources for the classroom setting
  • media and comment work with production outfits and legislative bodies
  • policy work — helping us to build a national picture of how PSHE education is taught around the country

If this sounds like something you might be interested in please get in touch. Please note that we can't accept all applications to the group; our aim is to maintain a balanced representation of different delivery contexts and regions. If you're accepted, we won’t share your information with any external companies etc. without asking for your permission first, and we will respect your decision to accept or decline any opportunities — we appreciate that teachers’ workloads vary throughout the year.

Please note that this group is reserved for individuals with an active PSHE Association membership. If you’re not yet a member then find out more about the benefits of signing up here.