Having trouble logging in to our new site?

Read our FAQs or contact us and we’ll help you out


Some members have had issues logging in since we launched our new site on 10 February. We want to apologise if that’s the case for you. We can assure you that we’re doing everything we can to sort out access for everyone and deal with a few teething issues.

Please read our FAQs on common log in issues below. And if you still can’t access please get in touch using our short form and our membership team will help you out. If you’re a member and unable to access please let us know if there’s a particular resource or service you’re looking for as this will help us to make sure we can support you in the meantime.

I tried to log in to your new site using my usual password, why won’t this work?

We couldn’t carry over passwords from the old site to the new one. This was for a number of reasons, but security is one of the biggest. In order to keep everyone’s data safe and secure we’re asking that you set a new password to log in.

You should have received an activation email from us with a link to allow you to do this. You might not have spotted it so it’s worth searching your recent messages from us (try searching for the terms 'your new login is inside', 'we've launched our new website' or 'create your new password and login'. You could also try searching for our email address 'no-reply@pshe-association.org.uk'). If you can’t find an email, get in touch and we’ll help you out with a new link.

I tried the ‘forgot my password’ link on the site but nothing happened

Everyone should have got an activation email from us with a link that they’ll need to click to activate their account on the new website. For now, this is a necessary step and using the ‘forgotten password’ link on our site without doing so won’t work.

We’re looking into ways to address this issue but in the meantime would encourage you to search messages from us (try searching for the term 'your new login is inside' or search for our email address 'no-reply@pshe-association.org.uk') for this activation email. If you find it just click on the link and follow instructions. If you can’t find it get in touch and we’ll sort you out as soon as we can.

Why does my membership say it’s expired when I’ve got time left on my membership term?

This is an issue affecting a small number of users but one that’s understandably annoying for those of you unable to access our services as a result. Our web developers are on the case and we hope to have a solution to all of these issues this week. In the meantime we can sort out people on a case by case basis if you get in touch.

Why am I seeing an 'access denied' message when trying to login?

This issue is happening for a small number of users. Our developers are looking into it and are due to resolve in the coming days. In the meantime do get in touch if you’re trying to access any member-only resource in particular.

Why do I see a 'this account is already registered' or 'please enter a valid email address' when I try to login?

This is a bug on our platform affecting some users. In most cases you can actually continue to login regardless of this message. If still no luck though do send us a message and we can sort you out our end.

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