Media Smart KS2 Body Image and Advertising Resource

Media Smart KS2 Body Image and Advertising Resource

Resources for teaching 9 to 11 year olds about body image and advertising

Given the prevalence of concerns over body image among young people, it is important that pupils are media literate and able to navigate the world of commercial messaging that surrounds them.

Media Smart is a not-for-profit organisation providing educational materials for teachers, parents and youth organisations to help young people evaluate the advertising they come across in their daily lives.

Media Smart’s new free film-based Body Image and Advertising resource is designed to help pupils aged 9 to 11 better understand advertising and its influence on body image and has achieved the PSHE Association Quality Mark for best practice PSHE resources.

These free Key Stage 2 resources – created by independent experts and supported by the Government Equalities Office – are designed to enable teachers to build pupils’ emotional resilience as they learn to engage more deeply with the messages and methods of advertising. The resources are designed to be fully inclusive and suitable for co-educational delivery.

Media Smart’s Body Image and Advertising resource will support you in delivering media literacy education flexibly over two or more lessons and consists of:

  • an engaging student-facing film
  • detailed teacher notes
  • a complementary parent and guardian guide


Access Media Smart’s free Body Image and Advertising resources


PSHE Association Subject Specialist, Nick Boddington says:

“Helping young people to become 'critical consumers of information' is one of the most important tasks in a world that is increasingly connected and rich in both fact and opinion, with the capacity to influence both positively and negatively. This resource looks at the power that images in the media can have on our own sense of self-worth and sense of body image.  We are happy to award this resource our Quality Mark as we believe it will make a useful contribution to a planned PSHE education programme, offering teachers a route into helping young people recognise and discriminate between real life and the world portrayed in the media.   We believe it will support wider work to build pupils’ self-esteem, emotional resilience and critical thinking skills.”

Media Smart has also produced a KS3 Body Image and Advertising Resource accessible here

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