Improving PSHE provision in East Sussex schools

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We worked closely with the Public Health Team and other colleagues from across the county to identify the key priorities and how we could offer support. We set up a “tiered” level of support where particular schools were targeted for more intensive support.

We conducted a survey of local schools to identify their support needs in terms of training and resources. The survey highlighted that both primary and secondary teachers wanted support to teach about mental health and emotional wellbeing through PSHE education. As a result of this assessment of local needs, we changed our training offer to address the key issues.


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PSHE Association membership for all East Sussex schools

To ensure that all state funded schools benefitted from support to improve PSHE provision, we worked with the public health team to ensure all schools were entitled to long-term PSHE Association membership. These memberships included full access to our library of resources, support by phone or email and regular email updates on best practice and resources in PSHE.


CPD training days and twilight sessions

The one-day workshops we offered for primary and secondary PSHE leads supported them to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to teach PSHE education effectively. We ran our “planning your school’s PSHE education programme” and our “Promoting mental health and emotional wellbeing through PSHE education” courses as well as our “Get Ready for Ofsted” course.

In addition to this we ran a series of twilight sessions for local teachers to meet and share best practice. This also provided an opportunity to answer any questions they had on PSHE teaching and planning.



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